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Long Island Snow Removal

Long Island Snow Removal

We have been serving our customers on Long Island with our snow plowing, snow removal, sanding and
de-icing followed by our clean up services for over two decades.

Long Island Snow Plow Company

Why Choose Us?

  • Fully Equipped
  • Fleet of Snow Plowing Vehicles
  • Sanders / Salt Spreaders
  • Equipped with Heavy Equipment
  • Over 20 Years Experience
  • 24 Hour / Day / Night Plowing
  • We Live on Long Island,
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>Not Out of State!


We Can Handle Any Size Property

Co - Op / Condo / Apartment Communities -Shopping Centers - Office Buildings
Warehouse and Trucking Center Snow Plowing Contracts


Shopping Center Snow Plowing Long Island

Shopping Centers - Strip Malls
Roads & Walkways Completely Cleared of Snow & Ice


No Parking Lot Too Big or Too Small !

We have the Manpower and Equipment to ensure safe Snow Plowing and Snow Removal for Commercial Retail Establishments, Places of Business, Co Op, Condo Apartment Communities, Houses of Worship, and Municipalities.

Snow and Ice Management for Over 55 Communities - Co Ops - Condominiums - Apartment Communities

Attention Property Managers

We will work with you to cater to any and all specific specifications you have, including addressing, and coming up with a solution to correct and prevent any ongoing seasonal obstacles you may have experienced in past winter snow storms.

Safe Access and Passage is what we provide, which is vital for any business or place of residence during winter snow storms.

We have a fleet of Snow Plows, Multiple Bobcats and Heavy Equipment
to handle any size property / properties with large amounts of snow fall.


Property Inspection & Snow Plowing Preparation

In November we come to your property and put up 'markers' (stakes with reflectors) up on all curbs, speed bumps and storm drains. We will inspect your property with you and or your store / property manager to listen to and address any situations and or problems that you have had to deal with in the past and come up with a solution so those problems will not repeat themselves in future storms.


Sanding and De Icing

Our snow plowing fleet are equipped with sanders and de icing spreaders to ensure as much non slippery surface as possible during the toughest storms. After we clear out the snow, we sand and de ice continuously as needed to ensure your place of business a safe accessible entry and exit off your property.


We're Ready, Are You?
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The changing of seasons happens rapidly these days, have a Snow Plowing Contract with us today, so you won't have to worry about the snow storms of tomorrow.

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